Rail Transport Safety

Participants are required to brainstorm and develop solutions to tackling issues in rail network infrastructure. Possible innovations (but not limited to) could be mechanisms to efficiently and effectively identify defects in rail infrastructure, conduct a rail survey, identify accident-prone areas and map them which can help authorities to come up with recommendations.

Optimizing Food

Recycling Everyday, tonnes of food in urban cities is thrown away because they could not be consumed before expiry. Food wastage not only has a big impact on the environment, but also could have been better used to feed communities in need. Create a platform that connects food suppliers (restaurants, grocery stores, catering services) with local food banks and non-profit organisations.

Health Care augmentation / Infrastructure /Community Health/ Medicine/ Healthcare devices

Providing Health care services to old aged people with the adoption of Technology and healthcare solutions. To develop Mobile health services across rural areas, flood affected areas and emergency services. To provide solutions how community health in terms of child malnutrition is solved, women health and sanitation for rural and urban areas with low cost-effective health solution.

Contribute to Clean Water/ Clean Energy/Sustainable cities / Climate action.

To develop the rising issue of water table of a Cities. To segregate the municipal wastes of a city through segregation technique and concepts. To develop solutions for the Water logging problems during floods in different cities. Application of green building solutions as an element for sustainable solutions for home and real estate. To provide solution model for safeguarding low lying areas in case of leakage of Dam water / Artificial Flood with technology used cases.

Smart Education

To develop solution for providing online education to part time workers / house wives so that the elementary education is provided for teaching their children. To develop students to adopt start up education in the underdeveloped areas through the use of training and coaching. To provide a solution App for providing training for all kinds of learning – ex learning to play guitar, keyboard, vocabulary, learning foreign languages considering the trend of the students learning.

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