• A team should consist of 3 to a maximum of 5 students.

    • Each team should select a team leader and the selected team leader must register his team using the portal. Team leader is nominated as single point of contact.

    • On successful registration, VECHACKTHON will send the team leader their team ID which will be handy in the next steps.

    • The teams can start working or brainstorming the problem statements once they get the team id from VECHACKTHON, if not then reach out to VECHACKTHON support team.

    • Teams can develop either software/hardware/both models for the problem statements. This must be demonstrated in the VEC, campus if the team is selected for the final stage.

    • Teams should name their files using the team ID, while they are uploading documents using the VECHACKATHON portal.

Team size                  :           3-5 members

Registration                       :           10th Aug 2023

Contest Duration      :           120 days (10th Aug to 10th Nov 2023)



Presents idea for the Problem Statement to team leaders or teams Single Point of Contact

    1. The round one starts from the day of registration and last till 10th August 2023.
    2. The idea submission should be in the form of a single page/ppt. – In this step, the team will demonstrate or emphasise more how their idea will be effective and solve the issue.
    3. The team leader should submit their single-page ppt/doc/pdf to the VECHACKATHON online portal
    4. The deadline to submit a 1-page ppt/doc is 10th August 2023.
    5. The teams advanced for round 2 will be announced on 31st Aug 2023.

Start Date –  10 Aug 2023

End Date   – 31st Aug 2023


Detailed explanation on approach to idea

    1. This will be an online event where the selected teams will be asked to explain their Team ideas via zoom meeting
    2. VECHACKATHON will be sending a meeting invitation to the teams and each team will have 5-7 minutes to introduce their team and explain their approach to implement the solution.
    3. The Deadline for this round is 15th September 2023 and the finalists will be announced based on the number of teams shortlisted.

Start Date – 15th Sep 2023

End Date –   10th Oct 2023


Presentation at Vaagdevi Engineering College, Warangal Campus.

    1. The selected top 10 to 15 teams are invited to VEC Campus on 10th November 2023(Tentative) to make a final presentation.
    2. Teams will demonstrate their working model (software or Hardware) to the judges.
    3. 3 teams will be selected as winners


    1. Click on the registration link provided in the portal.
    2. Make sure that you are ready with personal details, payment receipts and mentor information for successful registration.
    3. Fill in all the mandatory fields.
    4. Now you will receive acknowledgement of your registration


Start Date :  10th Aug 2023

End Date  : 31st Aug 2023


Start Date  : 15th Sep 2023

End Date   :   10th Oct 2023



10th Nov 2023(Tentative)


Now the best part, the prizes for the top 3 teams will be awarded with Attractive Cash Prizes

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