About Hackathon

A National level hackathon calls on the students from the various engineering colleges to come up with innovative ideas for the problem statements. There are three rounds in the Hackathon and only a few teams progress to the next stages only to compete against the top 10-15 teams in the finals which will be held at VEC, Warangal. Each round will test you on how a smart and innovative idea is shaped and brought into implementation. In the end, the finalists will have the ultimate chance to put their innovative brains to the exhibit, vying for handsome prizes and a chance to intern.

Are you the kind of person who will not rest until a solution is found? Do challenges excite you? Bringing you Hackathons that will tickle the left and right sides of your brain at the same time. An excellent way to stimulate your creative and problem-solving abilities. Give this Hackathon a try if you feel that you can seamlessly translate your concept into an executable solution and contribute to a better society.

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